SALI Club Membership

Registration Form

To apply for SALI Club Membership, please fill in all sections of the Registration Form below. Membership is Free.

Membership Criteria

Membership of the SALI Club is open to all businesses, organisations and individuals who are "interested" in business trading and/or investing in Africa. By "interested" we mean those businesses, organisations or individuals which already trade in Africa or who are looking to trade or invest there and which specifically want to learn more about their (potential) legal rights and protections principally granted by International Investment Agreements.

Applicants for Membership must complete and submit the Registration Form to join the Club.

Whilst we welcome all applicants, the granting of Membership is ultimately at the discretion of the President and Committee of the SALI Club.

Who Should Become A Member?

  • Companies and institutions looking outwards to developing markets in African states to make investments
  • Venture capitalists
  • Equity funds and investment managers
  • Property developers
  • Infrastructure and construction businesses
  • Investors in ports
  • Transportation and the storage industry
  • Trading houses
  • Offshore and renewable energy industries
  • The telecommunications industry
  • Banks and individual investors