Re-post Bulletin: Euro128m ICSID Award Annulled for Non Disclosure of a Relationship

Euro128 million award is annulled, as ICSID Ad-hoc committee finds fault with arbitrator’s undisclosed relationship to claimants’ damages experts.

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FSRUs for Africa’s Growing Energy Needs

A new-build FSRU typically costs between $240m – $300m and can be constructed in about 24 – 36 months. Conversions of LNG tankers to FSRUs typically cost $80m - $100m and can take up to 18 months to convert (due to long delivery times of equipment).

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Further Signs of Mauritian Courts’ Support to Arbitration

The recent decision in District Council of Rivière du Rempart v Alphamix Ltd and others [2017 SCJ 233] is the latest example of judicial support of the arbitral process.

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Africa Risen!

Following the great recession in 2008, with competition fierce amid falling revenues in more established markets, some of the major London-based law firms turned to Africa as an untapped area of growth.

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Ambulance Chasing Investment Arbitration Lawyers Will Eye Africa

International Investment Arbitration claims otherwise known as ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) arbitration against, in particular, African developing states will no doubt offer greater appeal to ambulance chasers given the substantially larger sums at stake.

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