Founder & President


Wole Olufunwa LL.M.

Wole is the founder and President of the SALI Club.

He is a British-Nigerian international arbitration lawyer who has been based in Singapore since 2010. Wole is English law qualified.

Wole’s disputes practice covers industry areas such as shipping, energy, logistics, international trade, ports and terminals, mining, and joint venture disputes.

Wole has advised and managed many multi-million dollar arbitral disputes including a contractor pricing review arbitration worth in excess of US$350m.

Wole has a passion for Africa in which continent he regularly lectures on the topic of international arbitration. Wole is able to pool legal resources and has strong contacts with counsel based in various African states specialising in international arbitration particularly in Nigeria, Singapore, HK, UK, Mauritius, France and elsewhere. The SALI Club has an African associate office in Mauritius. Please see our Mauritius Associates Page for more details.

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