The SALI Club ("The Singapore-Africa Law & Investment Club") was founded in July 2017 by its current President, Wole Olufunwa.

Wole, a British-Nigerian international arbitration lawyer, is passionate about the development of the African continent which is seeking ever more foreign direct investment for economic growth to fulfil its undoubted potential. This creates opportunities for international investors particularly based in Asia.

Wole has been living and practicing international arbitration in Singapore since 2010 and believes that as one of the world's premier international arbitration hubs, Singapore is supremely well placed to become a preferred venue for resolving international investment disputes and also act as an international financial centre for investments flowing out of Asia into Africa.

The aim of the SALI Club is to educate investors and would be investors on the benefits and risks of investing in Africa with a special emphasis being placed on raising the profile of International Investment Law and the disputes which arise between investors and host state governments (typically known as ISDS). It is critical to appreciate that a greater awareness and understanding of International Investment Law will always be a paramount factor in how international investors weigh the risk of investing in any particular state.

The SALI Club will:

  • Explore the content and meaning of investment treaties (bilateral and/or multi-lateral) as well as private law investment contracts;
  • Consider and analyse the latest Investment law cases;
  • Publish a regular blog on investment law topics of interest;
  • Keep its Membership summarily updated as to economic and political developments across Africa
  • Host events for interested Members with speakers from various African states and from Asian businesses trading in Africa / Asian investors in Africa.

Outside of the legal space, the SALI Club will work informally with the Centre for African Studies administered by the NTU-SBF (Nanyang Technological University – Singapore Business Federation) to provide its Members with added information/research relating to the ongoing economic and political developments taking place across Africa.

Membership is free. Click here to join